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MINE was the first company to offer an insurance program for a solid wood bat. We're not saying that our bats can't break….all wood bats can break. We just don't want you to worry about breaking it before you get a chance to get to know each other! If hit properly, you should get thousands of hits out of your bat, but if you catch a bad pitch on your first at bat…we've got you covered :)

So, you're probably asking, "How does it work?"

Here are the basics...

1. Purchase your coverage for $25

2. If your bat breaks in the first thirty days, we'll send you a replacement for free

3. All program subscribers will get $25 off of their next full price purchase.

Here comes the fine print...

1. The Back That Bat Up program is available at the time of purchase only, for $25. You will have the option of putting the $25 toward your next MINE bat effectively making the coverage free for regular customers.

2. Back That Bat Up offers a one time replacement of your broken bat for the first 30 days after your bat's arrival. Report your broken bat to and we will ship you your backup bat of the same length and profile free of charge. If not available we will consult with you about your other replacement options.

3. Back That Bat Up coverage includes only bats broken while hitting regulation size baseballs pitched by a human and traveling no faster that 100mph and struck with a traditional baseball swing. We may request photos of the bat and/or the actual broken bat for inspection to determine the cause of breakage.

4. The Back That Bat Up program is currently only available for online purchases within the U.S.